Algarve baskets

A Mini van Tour

Available Tuesdays

14h30 to 18h30

lunch not included

Come and learn, one of the oldest crafts in the Algarve, whose name is EMPREITA DE PALMAS, this art consists of plaiting strips made from dwarf palm leaves.
It is one of the crafts most deeply rooted in the Algarve’s material culture, and used in the creation of everyday rural artifacts, in the packaging and transport of goods and food, in objects for domestic use, in agricultural work, and even in fishing.
As living is learning, we challenge you to come and discover and experience this magical art!!!


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A minimum of 4 people is required

What to bring:

comfortable clothing and footwear.

This tour is made on board of a Mercedes and driven by experienced drivers/tour guide who will ensure you have a safe and highly entertaining experience during your trip across the Algarve region.

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Private Tour

A private tour is a great option for those who want a more personalized and exclusive experience during their travels. By choosing a private tour, you have the flexibility to choose the itinerary, schedules, and activities according to your interests and preferences, without the worry of adapting to a group of unknown tourists.


Up to 8 pax

*Price per Jeep; Dinner  included