Fishing Port and "Ourelos"

4 hours of pure knowledge

Available Thursdays

9H00 - 13H00

Min: 4 pax

The best of both worlds, brought together among the activity of the fishing village, with vivid memories of artisanal fishing and its tradition of selvedge shoes.
This brings together two typically Algarve activities, to show the most genuine things the Algarve has to offer. Come with us and discover these traditions, we will provide you with a different and unforgettable experience, you can see the net being cooked, the traditional boat arriving with the catch of the day.
Visit the memories of our sea heroes.
And because women had a preponderant role, while men went to sea, women wore selvedge. We showed you the most artisanal shoe in which, while the fisherman risked his life at sea, the woman danced in her traditional costume, wearing shoes she made herself.

Come with us and discover these wonders!!!


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A minimum of 4 people is required

This tour is made on board of a Mercedes and driven by experienced drivers/tour guide who will ensure you have a safe and highly entertaining experience during your trip across the Algarve region.

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