Multifaceted shrub

A 4 Hour Tour full of traditions

Available Thursdays

14h30 to 18h30

lunch not included

A shrub that grows in the Algarve woods, it plays a role in carpet and basket.
The origin of this art is more than a century old, this bush is collected in the summer, dried, soaked and then shaped with a wooden vase.
It is used in fishing as a net, and in olives with baskets.
In the gorpelha, agricultural products were transported on the backs of donkeys.
A thousand and one uses for a spontaneously growing bush in the mountains.

Come and experience this art where wise and experienced hands will help you and create a simple piece that you will remember from your holiday in the Algarve


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A minimum of 4 people is required

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes


This tour is made on board of a Mercedes and driven by experienced drivers/tour guide who will ensure you have a safe and highly entertaining experience during your trip across the Algarve region.

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